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Thank you so much Joelle for everything you did for me, I had a lot of problems in my life and had tried many things to help fix myself, but none of them compared to what you did for me.  You were always professional but also very personal, you helped me let go of all my problems from the past and start moving forward with my life.  You are a lovely person and I would recommend you and your techniques to anyone. 

Thanks again.
Megan Heaney


Thanks Joelle I have to say I felt great after your session and just really good all round. I really appreciated talking things through and am practising my protection daily now!  Will definitely recommend you if I come across anyone with spiritual challenges. Just wanted to let you know one co-incidental thing that occurred also!. After your healing, I did a gentle yoga class the next night (done it before & stopped as my back hurt)...I'm not sure if it was the yoga or perhaps something shifted from your session but I normally get a lot of back pain since I regretfully had a chiropractor over manipulate my spine last year. Each morning I 'roll' out of bed & can't simply 'sit up' since. Also I struggle through yoga normally in pain. Its been on my mind daily to see someone for it. Since your healing I noticed a huge difference. I can get out of bed normally!!..and I wore high heels one night out & had no pain the next morning. Still have small pain but nothing like I have had daily for a year!!! Thought I'd let you know as its a bit of a co-incidence. Fingers crossed- its made a huge difference on how I'm feeling, sleeping & my energy levels. My over worrying mind has ceased, I feel balanced & I haven't had any nightmares too!   You have a gift! & I hope your business becomes really successful Joelle as I've had healers before do work & yours really did something for me.
Kind Regards
Angela Taylor


Joelle, just a short note to thank you so much for your energy, enthusiasm and totally professional approach during our consultation last Tuesday evening. As a result I had the soundest and deepest sleep I’d had for weeks! Take care,
Russell Walsh Dip FS
General Manager & Authorised Representative 319097
Peter Richards & Consultants Pty Ltd
VIC 3144


I want to thank you Joelle, for helping me to feel more grounded in this land. Since your session I feel more present here. I'm starting to be more enthusiastic about things I want to do. My mental worries about the things I can’t change, are gone. Like I’m having a new understanding about the world around me. I’m also thankful to my guides who sent me to you.

May God bless your work.

Julija Halilovic


Joelle our time of healing was quite amazing, a session that cannot be forgotten.
I felt like I broke ground that I could not have touched without the wonderful healing techniques that you have mastered and practice.  After the session I felt lifted to new heights and clearer in my being. I discovered many memories of my ancient self and was able to join some more dots and collect my power to live my life more fully.
My Life is more powerful now and I am guided from within with greater insight. I am able to forsee obstacles and overcome problems with ease as I create what I truly desire.
I felt very safe and under professional care during the healing session.  I found Joelle to be very open and trustworthy in her approach.  I very readily recommend Joelle to anyone considering this truly amazing and powerful healing opportunity.
Grant Barlow
Research, Victoria


Since our healing session I have continued to work on my spiritual development. 
I felt that after my appointment with you much of my resistance to using my intuition had dissipated.  I am doing my Reiki 1 this weekend and have also enrolled in a course on awakening my intuition. Thank you very much for your help and insight.  I would have no hesitation having another healing session with you.
Love Kate


I have been meaning to send you a card to say thank you. Life has been much easier since the healing session. I'm committing this year to ME. To getting healthy and comfortable in my body, mind and soul.  As such, my home situation has improved in that my housemate is rarely here any more. It's quite amusing to watch really. I'm fine with her relationship and no longer consider her as a friend, just an aquaintance (which you said may occur). I'm considering moving out at the end of our lease here, but preferably not before.  Work is less stressful as I am using your techniques to calm and center myself each day before I go to work. Also i no longer take on the responsibility of my manager's position. Only my own.  Things with the "father" issue have not been as present as they used to be either. A LOT of things have come into perspective and I'm now free to be myself. My work mates have even commented that I've changed for the better and they like me more now than as I was before.  Thank you!  I feel we will see each other again at some point in the not too distant future, but at this stage all is well.  My heart goes out to you and your work in assisting others in need.
Thanks again.
Yours Sincerely
Freyja Loats


I was raised in a family with high expectations, lots of cultural values and traditions. I had unresolved issues combined with my current work load and my personal life was out of balance. This has put a lot of pressure on my life. I was introduced to Joelle and this was the best experience I had in 2008.  I started Aquarian Healing which she used to heal the mind and body and let go of the past and focus on the present. This was combined with Life Coaching which consists of 11 sessions where I chose to work on different aspects of my life, my dreams and my goals. She also helped me to work on my strengths and weaknesses, some of which I wasn't aware of. I started to see some changes in my personal and professional life.  Overall, Joelle's Life Coaching brought me a long way in different aspects of my life. It was an experience, whereby I learnt strategies that are applicable to my day to day life while other goals are still work in progress.
Srini Govindaraju
Sales Executive


I was stuck in a relationship with a needy and selfish partner for 22 years. I was unhappy for most of these years but suppressed my emotions to raise our remarkable daughter. After our separation all the bitterness & loathing that I had contained over the years came to the surface. I resented him with a passion. One night I was reading a Louise Hay book to get peace & perspectives when a friend rang me from her car right outside Joelle’s place after attending a healing session. She explained the process and recommended that I should go. I contacted Joelle the same night and made an appointment to put an end to my fury. In her calm and serene environment Joelle healed me. Through Aquarian Healing she released and erased the troubles of my past lives with my partner as well as with my father and a very difficult manager which I was reporting to at the time. I had many lives with these beings, Joelle knew precisely which cord to cut so that I could move forward and not be trapped in yesteryear. After the Healing I felt like I had wings and gliding. During healing Joelle introduced me to the Archangels. I was pleasantly surprised that there were so many because I only knew of two. I in turn introduced them to my Mum who was seriously ill with cancer. Every night before leaving the hospital I would call on the Archangels to look after her during the night. She passed away in her sleep early one morning and all the Archangels were around her bed. I still call on Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael & Uriel everyday to protect my daughter and I and the rest of my family. In addition I was pleased to discover that Joelle is also a Life Purpose Coach. I had goals once upon a time; however given that I had disregarded my needs for the last 22 years, my goals were none existent and my perspectives had changed - how & where can I start this new independence? I was comfortable to go to the next stage and continue my association with Joelle as she already knew my background. There are 11 sessions to Life Coaching and the first one is free. At first I found it confronting that it was all about my needs as I had become accustomed to look after others. However every session that Joelle covered had particular meaning for me. I was going thru great pain seeing the demise of my beautiful Mum and somehow each Topic that we covered seemed to coincide precisely with what I was experiencing at the time. I have set my long term and short term goals and have achieved many of them already…. Most importantly the course made me identify with what I can and cannot control, to cope with my Mum’s disease and prepared me for her inevitable passing.
Thank you Joelle….you are my Archangel.
Sybille Hennequin
Settlement Manager


I just want to say a huge thank-you to you, Joelle.  Even after our first session, I was completely amazed at how well your practice of Aquarian Healing left me feeling.  It was like a huge weight had been lifted. It took a few sessions to get me back on track, but your healing work helped me immensely, spiritually, mentally and physically.  You are a very caring and helpful person. It’s great you compliment the healing with your psychology background. You are a gifted healer.  I highly recommend you to anyone who needs healing work done.  Keep up the great work.
Best Wishes
Janelle, Melbourne


I have had several healing sessions with Joelle and every time not only have I experienced  renewed and rejuvenated energy physically but I have also been supplied with the information and inspired ideas I need to move forward with my life.  Joelle is able to tap into a dimension beyond human conscious awareness to provide the exact information needed to resolve both physical, emotional and spiritual issues.  Joelle is loving and deeply caring, a total professional and I highly recommend her for her ability to facilitate healing on all levels.
lots of love
Eileen McBride


I am a healer myself and have been on an amazing journey over the past 8 years where special people have come into my life to teach me different methods and help guide me with my spiritual growth.  I remember coming home one day and checking my mail box to find a brochure of Joelle's.  For a few weeks I had been thinking of seeing a healer, someone who used techniques I had not previously been exposed to, someone who I felt a connection with and comfortable to open up to and accept their nurturing and guidance. Joelle was that person.  She is a wise soul with such amazing abilities!  With every treatment I have with Joelle I learn so much and grow that little bit more.  Words can not express my gratitude enough!
For those who are ready to change their life I always recommend Joelle to help facilitate them along their journey.  Thank you for supporting me, You are are blessing
Daniella Albanese


There have definately been some improvements! I've got my MOJO back which is great!! Had lots of loving wonderful feelings towards mum and things been great between us. Was also good to confirm some of the things i saw with her.
And in general feeling back to my old self ,loving everything and everyone.
Thanks for the protection information, I love crystals so really resonate with being inside a big protective crystal around my aura.
Do you mind if I pass it on to a friend?
Thanks for the festival voucher too, I'll see you there!
Thank You Kindly & love & light to you !


Many thanks for your email.  I have been doing really well since my healing session with you and I am in complete awe as to how this has had such a positive effect on me.  I feel I am really getting my life back and although there are the routine ups and downs, I feel that I am now in a much better position to handle them.  I have my MOJO back as one would say!!  I appreciate everything you have done for me and will not hesitate to arrange another appointment with you in the future should I need to.
Kind regards,
Sarah McLeod


It is difficult to describe how I felt after our session.  Not only my severe lower abdominal painswas diminished greatly and now gone, to the total surprise of my doctor, who insisted on tests, which only confirmed how I felt.  But the amazing part was the effect your treatment had on my overall state of mind and body!  This incredible lightness of being, content and inner joy, combined with great energy.  The negativity, sadness, feeling down was gone, replaced by gratitude for being alive and part of creation.  I could not sleep, rejoicing in the new found bliss.  All I could say now is - I WILL BE BACK!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Your are a miracle worker bar none!
Alex Grant


Hey Joelle,
I would love to thank you for all the beautiful work you do!!
You have been amazing to me and your support so great.
Thank you for being you!!
Blessed Be,
Ivana XOX

Kate Thomson

Hi Joelle, so sorry I’m so long in replying.  Been to Perth to visit 2 sons so was a good test.  I’ve been very good since my healing, so much better with the anxiety feeling but when returning from Perth I felt the need to do a course running in Caloundra.  Just so inspiring to be able to share so much compassion to the world in such a difficult year for the Planet.  It is such a fantastic course feeling people awakening before your eyes, so easy for them to live the life they then choose, no transparent beliefs holding them back.  Something you may be interested in checking out the website  Even listening to the talks are inspiring and very interesting on how we play games in our minds.  Amazing.  So you may have gathered, I'm excited and just so want to share my Joy.  Thanks for your information.  I have already given your contact to a few, it is so fantastic.  
Thanks heaps and be in touch.


Dear Joelle,
Thank you so much for your kindness and beautiful healings. I have more clearly understood what
happened in my life and can continue to walk to serve more people.  Thank you for your guidance in many spiritual aspects.  I am so appreciative of that.  I have been looking for a true healer with true and pure mind to help me and other people.  I am lucky to have met you.  I would recommend you to anyone who lost the tracks of their life and searching for their life purpose and to understand more about karma and the effects of it.  Thank you so much Joelle and nice to meet you.
Lots of love and light,
Chong Horne

Mark Ryan

Dear Joelle, I wanted to write and thank you for conducting the Codes of AH workshop in Malvern.  As you know from our continued discussions, the work shop was life changing for me.  I have found peace with myself and others, and have a new focus that is taking me on a very gentle but exciting journey as I develop my healing skills and tools.  I have that the clarity and purpose I have now came as a direct result of your workshop and the others in that group also experienced profound changes within themselves.  Thank you for your guidance, patience and gift.  I appreciate this more each day.  I hope to see another workshop similar in the future.  I am now very focused and on the here and now while anticipating the future.  
Thank you.


Good morning Joelle, I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you again for my reading yesterday.  I was blown away by the content of the reading – it was everything I needed to hear and be reminded of…..the things that are important to me.  I have been interested and involved on and off with spirituality for many years as I mentioned to you yesterday.  I will definitely try to heed the advice I have been given by my guides/guardian angels as this is a path I really feel is part of my destiny.  Hopefully I can awaken my spiritual self and be consistent this time around.  I enjoyed speaking with you so much, thank you for giving me your (extra) time.  I think you are amazing what you do and all the knowledge that you have.  I can understand how much time and effort you must give to have so much knowledge – but am so appreciative that the universe gives us people like you to enlighten us and give hope.  I promise to keep in touch from time to time and let you know how I am progressing.
Thank you again!
Love and light to you xxx


Dear Joelle,
A long time has passed since my last visit with you.  I apologise for taking so long to write down my wonderful experience and incredible  Aquarian Healing session with you.
I was about to face a situation, actually a conversation, that I had dreaded for years and after having my session with you I found that my head was so clear and free thinking of positive energy that there were no feelings of negativity or bad energy blocking me from communicating what I needed to say to this person.
In fact, the conversation led to a mammoth change in our relationship which continues to grow and strengthen.
So, thank you and I look forward to seeing you again in the not too distant future.
With thanks and sincere gratitude.

Peace & Light,
Georgie :)


Dear Joelle,

I really appreciate what you have done in the healing process so far. It is like a new person is being born. It is like my eyes are opening now and I am seeing the true colors of life. Some of the things I have gained is that I've become more flexible and relax in all type of situations. It has been more easy for me to talk to people and make new friends. I feel more calm and have gained lots of self confidence. I am starting to express my feelings and emotions like I have never done before. I am starting to enjoy more things in life and being happy around people. I'm becoming to realize how intelligent and capable I am, and finally re-discovering the true and real aspects of myself. Thanks a lot for your help and may my experience be helpful for others.
Lots of blessings.