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A person's health and experience of life (a person's reality) has its basis in holographically recorded attitudes, beliefs, and emotions and these are the magnetic forces that underlie illness or health, attract and repel potential experiences, relationships to others, and shape our world view. By removing important blockages and unwanted attachments from the "unseen" or "subtle" bodies and unplugging them from the neural networks of the brain at a quantum level, a person's life starts to change and bloom. There are a few kinds of blockages that everyone has which affect the flow of Life Force in the body. These are not "solid" in the material sense, but they are "solid" in faster time flows, in the seven subtle bodies that operate in these faster-frequency time flows. They are blockages of life-force energies, and they become "solidified" in the subtle bodies due to stress, trauma and unresolved emotions such as fear, hatred, self-pity, etc. The emotions in a human being can become quite powerful, and these "manifest" as blockages that look very real to a clairvoyant person who can "see" these different frequency bands.

These blockages (emotional thoughforms), often look like grayish orbs (spheres) representing an accumulation of emotional energy that has not been owned as wisdom, or that is unresolved and not forgiven. These orbs become condensed and solidified in the subtle bodies and locate themselves in the body's chakras, or energy centers, according to the frequency. In other words, each of the seven energy centers, or chakras, correspond with different emotional frequencies, so the kind of emotion determines where the blockage will be located in the chakras. For example, an unresolved experience of heartbreak, or rejection in love, will probably have a blockage in the heart chakra, and an experience of the guilt of not speaking the truth will have a blockage in the throat chakra.


Before and during sessions I often need to send discarnates, earthbound entities, (people who we have know in past lives), through the tunnel to the plane of bliss. (Otherwise they can prevent a session from continuing). These discarnates are attached to a person through some kind of karmic contract such as “you abandoned me”, “you said you would love me till the end of time”. It can be a bond of hatred, whereby they are punishing the person they are attached too.  When the discarnates are cleared the negative voices in your head are now gone. You may feel free from their influence and have peace of mind.


An "occupant" is a thoughtform that thinks it owns the body and is hindering a person's evolution.  These are thoughtforms that can sometimes have very strong magnetic fields that attract undesirable experiences and relationships.  These are the top-priority removals, as occupants interfere with a more natural flow of people, places, times, things and events. When they are removed, their influence is also removed, and a person's experience of people, places, times things and events manifests more in accordance with the person's desires. Occupants often enter a chakra (seal) of the body during periods of illness, trauma, or stress.

  • Occupants Blocked in the Chakras

  • Occupants in the 7th chakra hold God concepts, i.e. “god is a tyrant/god is benevolent”

  • Occupants in the 6th chakra hold insanity or obsession of analogical experiences and represent clarity/confusion issues

  • Occupants in the 5th chakra hold spoken or unspoken issues like not telling the truth, or using the power of the word for deception or manipulation

  • Occupants in the 4th chakra hold heartbreak and affect one’s ability to cultivate unconditional love or self-love

  • Occupants in the 3rd chakra hold power/dominance/control and self-esteem issues (victimization, subjugation, blame)

  • Occupants in the 2nd chakra hold issues related to pain and suffering, victimization, lack of abundance and sexual issues

  • Occupants in the 1st chakra hold survival issues. The fear of death (non-survival), which is the root of all fears, affects this chakra


Portals have the potential to cause health problems, depression and energy loss.  When the portals are permanently closed the client obtains a subconscious release of the emotional trauma that caused the portal to open.

We are connected to Source or God through rotating fields of energy that come from Source down through the universal, galactic, planetary, and then personal energy grids. If we have blockages like occupants or portals in our bio-energetic field, then these affect our ability to accrete this energy from Source and affect our potential for at-one-ment.  With these gone, you will have much more energy and will be able to tap into your higher dimensions of consciousness that are closest to Source.

When these emotional thoughtforms are absolved, large, beautiful golden soul fragments are retrieved spontaneously into your Light Body. (These "soul fragments" are the life force that had previously been "tied up" in the unresolved emotions, the thoughtforms).

You will release and continue to release magnetic fields of these intense emotions quite strongly for several days after the session. In the weeks ahead, release them more slowly.  It will get better.


Karmic imprints are twisted energy patterns created by energetic distortions and past choices made directly opposite to divine right order. Karmic imprints are the source of every illness and dis-ease as imprint affects the natural flow of a person's energetic circulatory system. If energy cannot flow to an area due to the energy getting stuck or running in reverse, then physical, emotional or mental illness results.

Since everyone has created karmic imprints in every incarnation, there are many layers to remove in the peeling of the onion to self-actualization. Only so much energy work can be done in one session so the highest priority imprints are always shown by your Higher self.

Karmic Sessions deal with the removal of "karmic contracts" that are causing disruption in our lives. Our definition of karmic contracts is unconsciously-held decisions, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, considerations, agreements that we live by and have made with other people.  These are always polarized, hence they "output" discordant magnetic fields. Examples of polarized issues are: "I love myself”, “I don't love myself”, “I must forgive”, “I can't forgive”, “I love men/women”, “I despise men/women”, “God loves me”, “God doesn't love me”, etc.  These unresolved, polarized emotions and attitudes are carried by our soul's memory from lifetime to lifetime and become "hardwired" into the neocortex of the bodies we've incarnated into.  It's not until and unless these neural nets are unplugged does true permanency of any kind of energy work occur and only then will a person's reality change.

Karmic Sessions are directed by the person's God Self, the subconscious. This "True Self" aspect shows us the priority issues, the source-decisions that cause the greatest fragmentations in the personality and the greatest suffering. It's holographic language is comprised of archetypes, personas, polarized contracts and potentials/constructs on each of the seven levels of awareness. Polarized contracts are absolved, all contract-generated thoughtforms are transmuted, all related neural nets are unplugged.  Any given hang-up or issue has layered neural nets and any given karmic session absolves a significant number of layers.  The advantage of this healing is that the deeper neural nets of past life emotional terror are often compartmentalized by the brain and usually unreachable by traditional psychotherapy and hypnosis.


Frequency Awareness J-Seal Removal session is extremely important and a must for human evolution as it helps to restore your Original Organic Imprint for Health.  There are 7 unnatural Seals located on the left side of the human body.  The J-Seals are also known as “death seals”, and are seven anchoring rods, placed in Earth’s planetary shields specifically one vertical column, horizontally across from certain natural configurations in Earth′s grids called Star Crystal Seals. These seals cause degeneration and many physical, mental and emotional problems.

It is important to understand that the Earth and our bodies are built energetically the same way and that we are directly connected to the Earth.  Since the Seals exist in the Earth’s grids, we “inherit” these into our own grids.  So everyone on Earth has these 7 Seals in their bodies. There have been many, many cataclysms in Earth’s history that have affected us and this is what has reduced our life span, brain function and spiritual awareness.

One of the most important benefits of this session is the increased psychic abilities that result from J-seal 3 being removed in the pineal gland. Also, most people who have physical ailments in the areas of the J-seals start to see these gradually or sometimes even spontaneously disappear after the session.

The seals are located as follows:

  1. Top of skull on left side

  2. Heart, left lung, back of left knee

  3. Pineal gland

  4. Left side of neck and lymphatics

  5. Rear left thigh and buttocks

  6. Alta major (where skull rests atop the spine), hypothalamus, and left shoulder

  7. Aorta artery on left side of neck

At the end of the session, you should feel somewhat different, although most people find it hard to put this into words. It's because your energetic circulatory system will be working according to your Original Divine Blueprint for the first time in many thousands of years, so it takes some time for the changes to integrate and the person to get used to this.


The main purpose of activating dormant DNA and removing distortions from both the chemical DNA and the DNA template is to allow a person to EMBODY their Higher self, expand their consciousness and unveil our true essence of divine love. What we are doing is using Unified Field Physics to trigger your Christed self.  Most people have so many lower vibrating energetic blockages that they cannot draw and hold the frequencies from their Higher levels – i.e. the Soul Identity, Oversoul, Christos Avatar Self and Rishi levels of consciousness. Therefore people don’t progress very much in their spiritual evolution and stay “phase-locked” into the 3-D incarnate reality, coming back again and again.  When you have distortions in your DNA template, you will also have distortions in your consciousness, cognition, understanding, and perception. Due to various influences as well as problems with the Earth’s grids, most people’s DNA is only functioning at about 3% of its original capability. There is a lot of work to be done to restore the Original Organic Imprint for Health and activate the parts of the DNA template that help one progress spiritually.

The people living on the Earth can only accrete the types of frequencies that are available to Earth itself, so we've basically been in a frequency fence for a very long time.  In January 2000, these 12th dimensional frequencies were re-anchored here as some of the grids were repaired and thus this is why 12 strand DNA Activation has been re-introduced to humanity - because it's now possible.

When the human genome was operating in its original organic form in pre-ancient history, the process of cellular transmutation took place in ONE lifetime, over a period of about 44 years. The whole idea of evolution is to be able to bring in and embody 12 dimensional levels of consciousness and be At-One-With Source/God. This means activating our complete 12 strand DNA blueprint and thus being able to change the angular rotation of particle spin inside each of our cells to be able to ASCEND to another dimension through a star gate like Jesus and other Avatar masters. This is what ascension is all about.

Most people have a DNA activation level of 3-3.5 strands active at the present time. Due to the higher frequencies coming into the Earth right now, it is possible to activate our higher strands of DNA.

The reason why the DNA Activations are crucial at this time is that we are required to raise our frequencies and embody at least 4 DNA strands to ascend with Earth during 2012-2017.

Session 1 – Activation of DNA Strands 1 – 4
Session 2 – Activation of DNA Strands 5 – 8
Session 3 – Activation of DNA Strands 9 - 12   


The Golden DNA Activation activates the frequency of the Golden Liquid Realms, called the Absolute Harmonic Universe, into your DNA template.  This AH Universe is the Higher Self Universe of the Harmonic Universe we are currently in. In order to be able to draw and hold (accrete) the Golden frequencies of the Universe we are ascending to, you must have these Golden DNA Activations and sacred codes.

The Golden DNA Activations infuses you with the absolute highest frequency energies available on the planet at this time.  When you embody these frequencies you literally become a walking pillar of light.  You will be a walking example that it is possible for a human being to know and live as their divine identity. Your DNA will be reset from its current blueprint back to the original sacred Source/God Gold print.

These codes were brought into manifestation by Ivonne Delaflor. Embodying these Golden DNA living light codes is the KEY to the ascension that we are currently experiencing. These frequencies come from the Absolute Harmonic Universe, which is the divine universe we are shifting into. By infusing your physical body with these frequencies you serve as the bridge between the Golden Liquid realms of absolute abundance, joy, love and freedom and this earth. The golden DNA activation frequencies are extremely powerful, as they are literally the stargate portals by which humanity will ascend out of fear, pain and all forms of suffering and limitation. Ultimately, ascension is the destiny of all souls. However, not everyone will ascend during this current ascension cycle. If you feel in your heart that it is your destiny to ascend in your lifetime then this Golden DNA Activation is for you.

There are 12 Golden DNA activation light codes. Three activation sessions are required as they are activated four at a time.


Empower your physical, mental and spiritual health & vitality with Codeology - for individuals, families, groups, corporations –

  "The harmony of the world is made manifest in Form and Number, and the heart and soul and all the poetry of Natural Philosophy are embodied in the concept of mathematical beauty."

                                                                                                  Sir D'Arcy Wentworth


Codeology, also known as AH Energy Medicine, is an alternative healing technique. Codeology is based on ancient wisdom carrying sacred geometrical self healing patterns, called the Codes of AH. The purpose of the Codes is to increase one´s potential, well-being and success in life by strengthening the healer within. Also the Codes of AH are a powerful and gentle support during the healing process of any physical or mental discomfort.

The Codes of AH are created and copyrighted by IvonneDelaflor (Delaflor Teachings International).  Each Code is encrypted with specific imagery, intentions, wording, prayers, specific desires, colors, chanting and meditation. Then Ivonne offers this all to the Intelligent Space Field, which in return gives her a visual on how would these words, colours, intentions, numerology, etc look like as a sacred geometrical pattern. Once she receives this image, the process of the 3D creation begins with support of several computer programmes. These programs help her encode all information, so it is not visible for the ordinary eye, yet it reaches the subconscious mind where all change truly takes place.  Ivonne´s dedication to and love for humanity in this time of change are the foundation of her decision to share this gift with the world. This decision gave birth to the Codeologist.

Codes of AH Practitioner

The Codes of AH are simple in use, and carry the same gentle and self-healing vibrations as homeopathy and flower remedies. Thus the Codes can never be overused, or traumatic to the receiver.

The Codeologist

Has the mission to leave a legacy of absolute harmony, congruency, coherence, self-mastery and self-healing powers for the future generations starting Now.

The Codeologist (Codes of AH Practitioner) matches the intention of the client with a specific Code of AH. With special techniques, the Code clears on subconscious level any frequency in mind, soul or body which is not resonating with the client's intention and purpose of life. This enables the client to heal him/herself from within on all levels of the awareness.

The session can be conducted person to person or from distance (remotely) through technical modalities (Skype or MSN). Every session consists of a (minimum suggested time for a session: 45 minutes, maximum time 2 hours) for individual coaching (group sessions upon request). A minimum of 3 to 7 sessions are recommended for the highest benefit of the client.

The Codeologist, Codes of AH Practitioners are registered with the Higher School for Conscious Evolution ( and may use the Codes of AH Certified Practitioner logo on their advertising and business cards.

All practitioners registered with the Higher School for Conscious Evolution promise to work under a Code of Ethics.

The Codes of AH sessions do not replace any medical intervention, they are used to increase one´s own self-healing and self-mastery skills only.

The Codes of AH consist of 54 sacred codes that assist in clearing issues from ancestral, karmic, family issues, body dismorphic disorders, victimization, abundance, cutting all cords, divine love and many more and these sessions can be taken at any time. (The Codes of AH combine well with the Aquarian Healing session).

It is recommended that a client undertake the healing sessions in the following order:

  • Aura Clearing

  • Karma Clearing

  • J-Seals Removal

  • DNA Activation (at least 2 full sessions)

  • Golden DNA Activation

  • The Codes of AH (no particular order – individual sessions)

All of these above modalities, (as I connect to your higher self to activate), can be done in person or absently.