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In my early years I was searching for answers to improve my life, I read extensively and one day a co-worker handed me a book titled “The Celestine Prophecy” written by James Redfield.  Towards the end of reading this book I had a vision of a ball of pink light hovering in my room for about 10 minutes.  That decided for me to search for spiritual answers as I felt I had been sent a message. I attended a number of different types of spiritual development workshops to gain knowledge of the spiritual realms and personal development.  During this time I intuitively received the word “Psychology” in my mind one day and as I was unsure of the meaning, I had to look it up in a dictionary.  I applied to Auckland University and I was accepted on a 3 year BA Psychology degree. I went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Psychosocial Studies, which had an emphasis on psychotherapy.  I enjoyed this course but it lacked the spiritual essence I had come so much to love.

For many years I had been working on my personal issues especially with early childhood trauma.  During adulthood I found I kept attracting unsuitable partners into my life.  I had worked with traditional counsellors, a psychologist who was spiritually aware and an energy healer.  Although I found that it was wonderful to vent my anger and frustration during my therapy sessions, my personal pain was not shifting, nor was I able to release the past.

A year after starting my psychology degree I decided to commence a Diploma in Natural Healing Sciences with the emphasis on Auric Healing and attained my diploma.

I applied and was successful in obtaining employment in the Mental Health Industry in New Zealand.  The experience I gained working in this industry was invaluable.  I developed a strong rapport with my clients and co-workers. I learned to be a team player whereby my input was always required during meetings and decision making processes.  I co-lead therapy groups alongside my colleagues who had immense levels of knowledge and expertise.  During this period at work I experienced the paranormal which consisted of many psychic attacks, negative energies and dark entities.

I was fortunate to attend a weekend Spiritual Workshop where I met a healer that I resonated with who practised a form of healing called Aquarian Healing.  I started to have regular sessions with this healer and I found that my old childhood issues were shifting at a phenomenal rate.  This healer assisted me to clear psychic and spiritual blockages making my clairvoyant abilities open rapidly.  I was now able to see past lives with clarity.  It opened up a world that I had not previously been exposed to.  I utilised these abilities to clear the paranormal attacks I was receiving from my work in the Mental Health Sector.  As I was constantly clearing myself I also became exhausted from the emotional content of the job.  I was so impressed with my healing treatments and progress, that I decided to train to become an Aquarian Healer.  I left this industry to pursue a career in private practice as a healer and counsellor.  Aquarian Healing was the answer for me!!


Aquarian Healing works at an energy and vibrational level.  Through a form of kinesiology, (muscle testing), we are able to access the subconscious mind.The subconscious mind contains every memory that a person has experienced in this lifetime, past lives and the effect it can have on the physical body.  It is with this information that we are able to get to the underlying cause of the problem.

As a practitioner I have scan lists that contain corrections to areas relating to anatomy and physiology, emotions, thought patterns, diseases, past lives and many other aspects relating to a client’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  With the aid of the scan list the client’s body will identify the priority area for healing.  When this area is completed the client’s body will indicate the next priority area requiring healing and so forth.

During the healing process we work with timelines.  The body may identify priority ages to be brought on-line when specific events, situations or circumstances happened to an individual in this life.  Through a process of enquiry I am able to ask the client what was happening to them at that time and then we ask the body to release this event from the subconscious mind and clear any blocked emotions associated with it.  We clear negative patterns and reprogramme the body with positive patterns and affirmations.   (The client will still retain the memory of the event, but the charge around the event will lessen).  As we work through the timeline the body may take us back into a past life or lives where a particular event happened or a decision was made.  I describe to the client what I am clairvoyantly shown.  At the same time, the body will verify that this information is correct through kinesiology.  We then ask the body if we need to clear and/or release the past life, especially if it is negatively impacting upon the client in the present time.
Without knowing why, many people become stuck in different aspects of their lives because they do not know how to change or heal a situation.  People would not necessarily realise that the situation could be karmic and in need of healing.

As human beings we carry through all of our unresolved issues from past lives from lifetime to lifetime.  The universe keeps sending us people or situations to play-out these dilemmas until we are able to clear the patterns and karmic issues that keep us locked in these dysfunctional relationships or behaviours. 

My experience has been that once these past lives are cleared and the charge around the pattern is released, the client is then free to experience more fulfilling and empowering choices in all aspects of their lives.

I have found that this will either make or break a relationship.  The relationship may have been karmic or if the couple does not have any further lessons to learn together, then they are now released to go on their separate journeys.  They are free to attract a new partner without the previous karmic issues.  The beauty of this work is that we are able to clear these past lives from cellular, karmic, soul and the total etheric memory body.  (If the past lives are not cleared thoroughly especially from the cellular memory, they will return).

As an experienced Healer/Spiritual Counsellor I have been presented with a diverse range of issues.  (My specialty is in the emotional/mental and spiritual areas).  If a client brings an issue that is not specifically in the Aquarian Healing Manual, then I will ask their body if we are able to work with the issue.

On most occasions we are then able to clear the negative programming from the client’s cellular memory.

In my private practice I combine Aquarian Healing with Spiritual Counselling, Auric/Energy Healing, Clairvoyance and Vibrational Medicine.  All of these modalities compliment each other beautifully.

If you are concerned about creating a brighter future, with excellent health, unlimited abundance, wonderful relationships and spiritual evolution, don’t hesitate, book a healing session today!!



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